You had severe adverse reaction to the vaccine, yet you were thinking about how to persuade other people to take it. Strange. I wonder if you have changed your opinion on this now, 2 years later...

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Wow. I can’t believe you would still advocate for the vax after getting Bell’s palsy. Your assessment is not correct I am unvaccinated college educated upper middle class and perfectly functioning in society. I am a data scientist and one just has to look at the raw data to see that this medication is not working the way it was advertised.

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Wow. I can’t believe you would still advocate for the vax after getting Bell’s palsy. Your assessment is not correct I am unvaccinated college educated upper middle class and perfectly functioning in society. I am a data scientist and one just has to look at the raw data to see that this medication is not working the way it was advertised.

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Mar 26, 2022·edited Mar 26, 2022

“…something that has already killed 762,000 people…”

I don’t think this number means what it seems to mean. Yes, it is a huge number of people dead, and of course that is not a good thing; that goes without saying. But even taking today’s numbers into account, which have deaths sitting at 975,000 in the United States, that death toll doesn’t really put a significant dent in America’s population of 332,500,000 people, which translates to the reality that this pandemic has on the whole been, for many people, experientially insignificant. I say experientially for a reason: in a country this large, losing close to one million people cannot have the sort of impact that would impress people of the class you discuss in this article. A classic pandemic like the Black Death in Europe was a profound social and economic phenomenon: people’s way of life changed in important ways in response to it, everyone on the continent probably lost a close relative to the disease, and it inflicted visible devastation on communities afflicted with it. None of those things are true for COVID-19, especially for “the unvaccinated:” the most significant economic change seems to me to be that upper-middle-class office drones now get to work from home instead of being psychically fried in an office; it has not effected people’s daily encounter with the general public, i.e., one encounters roughly the same number of people on the street or in a Wal-Mart as one did before the deaths; and most people’s communities have remained pretty much intact over the course of the last two years. So with these things in mind, I am even less surprised that these people don’t care to get vaccinated against a virus that probably seems, on the ground level, to have had very little impact on daily life.

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I liked your 'Faces of Addiction' series, so I decided to look into what you're up to these days. Sad that even though you supposedly got a serious condition side effect, that you're still promoting untested cocktails of the unknown, sourced from about-to-be-aborted human life. Then again, what else is to be expected from a liberal who is conditioned by the mainstream media?

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Indeed a great read, Chris. Quite grateful for you giving it to us, painful though it is. Feeling a threat to one's identity usually shuts one down no matter our position or education. I can see that creating an identity out of desperation for community that works for a profound sense of not belonging would be almost impenetrable. The sadness you share at the end is painful, but it gives me a deeper understanding of how alienated the Democratic Party is from the American “deplorables.” It will not be easily persuaded to take on a Race-Class approach and the thing that goes by way of the name of the “Republican Party” is primed to fill the vacuum. And that is part of my sadness. Righteousness reigns wherever one is stuck in this scenario. @MrJohnson1942

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This guy is such a fucking loser it’s almost unbearable.

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Wtf did I just read? This smacks of libtardom

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Random thoughts:

Blacks are over represented in the unvaccinated. In the South it frequently is because the Ministers of their churches speak out against vaccination. There is still a residual distrust of the government going back to the Syphillis experiments where Blacks were allowed to die untreated

My work partner died this month of Covid pneumonia After being fully vaccinated (Pfizer) about a year ago

My Cardiologist would not advise me whether or not to get the Moderna booster. He himself has chosen No. I got the booster. So far so good

I have lost weight, take Vitamin D and workout daily

This is the first pandemic in world history that has been politicized

We are so much poorer because of that

Fauci looks to be the second coming of Goebbels with his lying and Beagle cages. His ability to lie repeatedly and call himself the Face of Science, or Science itself is worthy of the Great Oz

Biden is absolutely the wrong man at the wrong time to lead this nation

I am sorry about your B Palsy

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You're suffering from Bell's Palsy six months after getting your experimental injection from Pfizer, a company that only three years ago paid the largest criminal fine in history... but you sneer at the hoi polloi who don't have Bell's Palsy (or myocarditis, chronic vertigo, strange rashes, blood clots or any of the other horrific side efffects).

If it makes you feel better, go ahead and continue with that delusional line of thought. You don't have much time left on this planet. Might as well enjoy it by being smug.

The most vax-hesitant group is PhDs, by the way, probably because they're able to read and interpret data. More people have died of Covid in 2021 than in 2020 despite all the injections. Gee, how safe and effective!

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Wow.....I almost shed a tear when you described your lifelong disability from an experimental medical treatment that drastically increases overall Morbidity. Your foolishness is Proverbial...

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Seriously though, you said you reduced your risk of dying from COVID by 10x, but against what base? What was your background risk of COVID? I find it hard to believe that Bell Palsy is better than that.

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I like that you’re willing to talk to people without judgment Mr. Arnade, however, I think you will find there are those of us that chose not to be vaccinated for other reasons, none of which are addressed in your article.

Two things you don’t reference. Most of us are more educated on the actual data than the elite would like and vaccine pushers are not taking into consideration many of us already recovered from Covid and have natural immunity.

I think if you were to talk to middle to upper middle working class people, you might find the vaccine resistant, such as myself, understand our risks. We know the data associated with our age and health condition demographic.. We know the risks associated with the vaccines also, as you and Jimmy Dore and Bill Mahr are all aware of! I have a higher chance of a side effect putting me in the hospital than I do of Covid.

Secondly, the CDC says 146 million Americans have already had Covid, and that’s the confirmed positive tests. That’s almost 50% of the population, many like myself, have natural immunity which is stronger than the vaccines. Look at the data coming out of Israel, UK, and Singapore!! Natural immunity is not just antibodies. I don’t understand how nobody remembers high school biology! Memory T and B cells are the reason natural immunity is stronger. Highly suggest people go refresh themselves on how the body’s immune system works.

So you see Mr. Arnade, you are correct that many of us know what “feels” right and we have common sense. We are more educated than most, and in all likelihood, most have already recovered from it. (Vaccinating kids also is not right)

I have questions, I want to understand the logic behind certain decisions such as lockdowns and mandates, but none of my questions are getting answered. Instead, we are told we are stupid, we don’t know what we’re talking about, trust the experts, stop questioning authority, etc. So yeah, I’m m going to die on this hill

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Your heart is in the right place, but unfortunately you have succumbed to all the censorship and propaganda about the vaccine and the gross misrepresentation and outright lies about every detail of the crisis.

You might start with Alex Berenson, Ryan Cole and Peter McCollough



Don't watch this. You might learn something from the inventor of the vaccine


A few of the Doctors warning about vaccine

Ryan Cole

Peter McCollough

V. Zelenko

Brian Ardis

Robert Malone

Geert Vanden bossche

Luc Montaigner

Zach Bush

Joseph Mercola

All with smear campaigns and hit pieces designed to discredit them.

There are may more.

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Lockdowns were class warfare.

Vaccine mandates are class warfare.

Excluding the unvaccinated from so many places is class warfare.


Although mainstream media probably hasn't told you, it's been found that natural immunity in those who have previously had covid is 19 times stronger than that coming from the ____ and is far more long-lasting, in contrast with the ___ which is proving to wear off after only a few months and then require boosters.

It also turns out that in those who have natural immunity, taking the _____ actually lowers that immunity, so if the goal is really to have as many people as protected as possible, then you wouldn't want to give the _____to those people.

On the other hand if you wanted to have your profits be as high as possible and treat this like every other medication, where people constantly need to get their prescriptions refilled, then the current course of action makes perfect sense.

Profits over people.

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The author doesn't realize how condescending his writing and speaking style is nor, is he apparently engaging with people across a broad economic spectrum that do not support shot mandates.

1) It is ridiculous to presume that every person's body will process the shot the same way - that's why Pharma required liability be waived. Over 8k Americans that didn't die of covid itself, died from the covid shot. There have also been shot recipients that didn't die but have dealt with serious side effects - heart inflammation, blood clots, bells palsy, etc.

As a result, it's particularly abhorrent to me that CHILDREN would be required to get this shot(s) when they have the lowest risk possible, yet will now have increased risk on a host of life/death side effects FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES- with no recourse because accepting the shots means that they waive liability.

2) The virus did not spread across the country at equal rates, or in the same amount of time. So, imposing mandates, let alone JUDGEMENT against people that have either been exposed but not susceptible; had covid but recovered and now immune, etc. is incredibly disingenuous, or otherwise live in areas with little to no covid cases, is ridiculous.

3) Biden has been incredibly irresponsible by putting his political disdain on white conservatives for not cooperating with the vaccine when half of Hispanics and black Americans had not been vaccinated at the time. BIDEN made this political as a distraction from the Afghan withdrawal news coverage and turn the cameras against his own fellow citizens - absolutely reprehensible.

4) Corporate/work from home employees have made this political because their incomes weren't impacted, their retirement funds were not jeopardized, have good insurance plans, their quality of life was made more complicated by having kids/work at home and no nanny available - but overall, they SAVED money with shelter in place because they weren't traveling, eating out, entertaining, etc. YET they were depending on people that chose jobs that don't allow them to work from home with increased online orders, food delivery and other "extras" that put more people at risk of covid exposure - while dealing with the stress that their kids didn't have daycare/school or other support at home while they were out working - then accused them of being undesirable and unAmerican and thus not worthy to work if they won't get a shot - even though the odds that they are immune to the virus are very high at this point.

4) Inconsistent policies and rules for thee but not for me by largely Dem leaders at state and federal levels has demonstrated that most of the shelter in place, reduced occupancy rates, and mandate-related efforts are politically motivated NOT health-related. Even Gavin Newsome - in a press conference last week - made a HUGE error in stating that they picked up 600 units (not sure if it was commercial or residential property) last year because it was a buyer's market - well HE CREATED IT WITH HIS SHUTDOWN POLICIES and then immediately profited off of it. Biden's attempt to get around his promise NOT to issue a national mandate by having OSHA update their rules - well that took 2 months to generate then another 2 months to be applied (after Christmas holidays to avoid more political/business challenges in staff shortages). So, if it was a genuine crisis - it would not take 4 months to implement and UNION groups would not be exempted from the rules, nor would political capital be weighed if the death rate was at 30% like it was for polio victims, for example.

5) The fact that small businesses were shut down for months up to a year - while Amazon Costco, Target, Walmart/Sams, etc. were able to operate at full capacity with NO restrictions on what they could sell didn't help either. When churches had to stay closed but liquor stores did not - hmmm...when people and businesses are told they can't leave their homes unless it's an emergency - and certainly can't socialize but hundreds of thousands of people are allowed to "protest" and riot/loot with no constraints (and often no masks) - again - rules for me but not for thee.

6) There are people with legit health complexities that are not a good fit for these shots due to the nature of the side effects. Yet they are mocked/belittled (former co-host interview on the View this week is a classic example) as holding the country's recovery back.

7) There are people that are unwilling to take a shot for something that was rushed to market. I know someone that was in a 5-year human medical study that occurred after years of lab testing/animal testing, etc. So, they refuse to get the shot until there is a clear record of what it actually does/does not do and the side effects are verified. And now that it's been proven that the shots a) don't last; b) don't prevent the spread of infection; c) don't prevent the recipient from getting the virus, etc. feel vindicated in waiting it out.

8) There is no acknowledgment for how low of a % of people exposed to the virus actually get very sick, let alone die. The reporting has lacked context the entire time...they never include total number tested - only positive test totals. After almost 2 years of reporting on it - I have yet to see one reporter give context on the false positive rate of any of the tests, let alone the human data errors in outsourcing all of these processes so quickly. I have a neighbor that received a positive test result for a test that she did not take because she had to cancel/reschedule. Another person tested positive on 3 over the counter tests last week but negative on a PCR test - and then 2 more negatives on over-the-counter tests. She didn't present any physical symptoms before or after the positive tests - so, is she officially positive or not?

Through March 2, 2021 - over a year in - the death rate in Texas based on the total population of 29 million was 00.000142xxx - and that was for people that died WITH COVID and those that died solely due to covid. So, that contributes to resistance of mandates and frustration over the fear-mongering blowing things grossly out of proportion for tv rates/clickbait/retweets,, etc for a dying industry (print and cable news) desperate for ad revenue - as well as anger at trying to keep people apart from their loved ones, attending the hospital, funerals, etc.

9) There is no acknowledgment of personal immunity so it just looks like a profit grab.

10) There was a strong delay in acknowledging/addressing why the black community was resistant (historical abuse of black citizens and slaves for medical testing).

11) No acknowledgment of what people can do that they personally have control over - boosting their own immune systems with fruits/veggies, exercise, daily exposure to the sun, etc. Just for-profit medicine by companies that fed the opioid addictions and general prescription addiction epidemics. Even now - every major news program is sponsored by Pfizer - that is not an accident - not only are they buying the positive press, but they are also suppressing negative reaction stories and reasonably balanced news reporting through their huge ad buys.

12) The shots only protect the recipient for 3-6 months on average at this time. SO, the condescending, hypocritical posture of elites that suggests that everyone else is a criminal if they don't participate just looks like fools. The shots don't prevent the spread of the virus or the recipient. Harvard MBA in-person classes were called this fall when their weekly covid tests showed that 347 students tested positive - all but EIGHT were vaccinated! So, 339 VACCINATED students led to the in-person learning being canceled for the remainder of the semester. So PURITY TESTS NEED TO STOP.

13) Government overreach is a BIG deal. We gave up alot of privacy after 9/11 under the Homeland Security Act because people chose the perception of safety over freedom. Fast Forward 20 years and even more is being set-up for loss - again, under an enormous amount of fearmongering over covid under the banner of vaccine passports - creating a 2 tier system that prevents all Americans from living and working freely based on their skills and interests. that's not a conspiracy theory - that is actually underway unless people across the political spectrum stand up against vax mandates in the US and around the world. Thankfully, there are many people that chose to get vaccinated that also stand with those that are unvaccinated to oppose those efforts. But more pushback is needed.

14) where will the mandate end - if it's allowed to persist - we are already at shots 3 and 4 for people to keep their jobs - and that is with no reporting on how the risk of side effects multiply (or not) with repeated shots in a relatively short period of time. Why would anyone support 100% participation for something that has serious side effects risks for all 100% who take it (and no legal recourse with Pharma) for something that has such a huge recovery rate - and whose recovery rate can improve with attention placed on improving our own personal health?

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Most people think this is a vaccine like any other.


The CDC literally had to change the definition of vaccine. To the uneducated that will seem merely semantic. It's not. They are covering their tracks because this is not a vaccine that's being offered, it is a new genetic technology being used on a mass scale for the very first time.

* a new technology

* Rushed into production

* being used in the public for the first time

* With totally inadequate testing for putting so many people at risk.

* With no long term safety data, meaning everyone taking it is at risk for very unpleasant unexpected consequences.

Everyone who has taken this vaccine or been forced to is a guinea pig.

Now we are about to mass test on children.

If anything goes wrong, and many doctors (all of them have been suppressed by the mainstream media) have expressed deep reservations and talked about a large number of negative consequences, as it has with so many other products that have been approved and then withdrawn from the market, there will be quite a number of children who will suffer.

This is mass experimentation.

Dr. Josef Mengele is smiling in hell.

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Just to add to your point


That's Joe Biden saying he won't implement a vaccine mandate in december on 2020. He doesn't explain why but maybe his press secretary got to the heart of it in July of 2020 when she said

"I think the context of the question, which I think is important here, is: Can we mandate vaccines across the country? No, that’s not a role that the federal government, I think, even has the power to make."

So what changed in those 2 months? They found extra power they weren't using? Maybe, the federal government is pretty big, maybe even big enough that it took 6 months to find it. Iit could be political or it could be to deflect from the Afghanistan withdrawal. Either way it's not the reasons biden gave, and therefore I can continue to discount them; at least as much as the biden administration does.

On point seven some in the back row do see the hypocrisy of the FDA and what it does. There is a massive invisible graveyard of bodies from never receiving unapproved and held up-then canceled treatments. This graveyard is several times larger than the covid graveyard and begs the question: will the FDA be restructured so that all therapies can now go through warp speed? If not, then the vaccine smells like nonsense. Also; why not human challenge trials?

On point 8 they do give out the total number of test given vs positive results... somewhere. I can find it easily on my local governments covid reporting site. I bet the jonns hopkins dsts includes it to. Its all irrelevant though given the prison population hasnt had any problems those were as close as we got to human challenge trials on transmission. If they wanted to they could run the statistics on prisons and present a much clearer picture or how this epidemic progresses in enclosed spaces.

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You did great on Breaking Points.

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